Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Northland Vintage Market Photos

Wow, what a great show we had at the first Northland Vintage Market held at Zona Rosa. We were inside, which was wonderful and we got to meet some fabulous dealers and connect with some fabulous dealers we already knew.

If you were able to attend, THANK YOU! We are so glad you made it, because it was so worth it.
If you couldn't attend, you will get another chance- We will be having another show in the late fall.
More info to come.

Check out some of the pictures below. Unfortunately, I didn't get some of the spaces, but you can get an idea of what was there.
Everyones spaces looked so awesome and we were drooling over most their amazing finds. Of course, I couldn't just look, I had to buy too- ha ha!

Peggy Kennedy's booth- Gatherings

some of ReDeux's awesome stuff and Joyce Gilpin's

Joyce Gilpin's - All That Jazz located in Rusty Chandelier in St. Joe
Rose Mary Anderson

Ann Huffman with A Vintage Mood, also located in Rusty Chandelier

Three Shabby Chicks space

Our next sale is this weekend at Good Ju Ju! Hope to see you.
Thanks for your patronage!

God Bless you and yours and have a wonderful 4th of July!

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Magic Brush said...

It was fun getting to meet you!!!!! I saw so much eye candy. Looking forward to going to one of your other sales.

Three Shabby Chicks said...

Hey Jennifer, wow, it was so great meeting you too! we are so glad you came to the Vintage Market. I hope to see you again and yes, the eye candy was so good, i had to buy some- ha ha.

A Vintage Mood said...

I so enjoyed getting to know you and the other vendors at this WONDERFUL show! I linked over to your blog since I failed to take pictures of the event. Hope you don't mind! ~Ann

Three Shabby Chicks said...

Hey Ann, Of course I don't mind! you are awesome and can't wait to see you again.

Kara Ward said...

It was nice meeting you girls and I love my Vintage Chick Bag....I put it on my blog today! Kara

Toni said...

Oh, I do wish the photos on your blog were bigger. I am really pushing eye strain sometimes when I'm browsing the blogs. Your blog looks fun though.