Sunday, January 11, 2009

Our First Post


The Three Shabby Chicks, Robin, Niki, & Marlo welcome you to our Blog.
This is our first time at blogging, and I will be honest and let you know we are not real sure how to do this but,  If you by some chance come upon our first post,  We hope you will return again.  Our entire business has been learning as we go, so blogging will be no different:).

Our main goal at this point is to let you know a little about our business and what we are up to.
We are in the process of working on our website, which is another huge challenge and a learn as we go thing, but we will eventually be pros at that too,... right?   So, if you click on our store, please check back again.  We will be putting items on as soon as we can.

Just a little about us:
We are 3 high school friends from Liberty, MO, who for many years now, have shared a love of decorating, flea marketing, antiquing, and just have fun together.  We are all about the girl thing, and treasure our friendships.  We are Girlfriends First & Three Shabby Chicks second.   

We actually started our business a little over 5 years ago, but became sidetracked with family and other business ventures a couple of years ago, and took a little break from the junking business.  But, as all of you true junkers know, it is in our blood and the love of the old and shabby won out, and we are were feeling the need to get back to what we love.  So, in May of 2008, we reopened the Three Shabby Chicks and went flea marketing and were blessed to have a local clothing boutique in Liberty, MO called Zabedo, let us add our items to her store.   We sent out postcards, held an open house and began to sell again.  

Niki, one of the Chicks,  has always wanted to make jewelry, so in the summer of 2008, we added our own line of unique jewelry we named, Vintage Chick.  It is fabulous vintage pieces repurposed into hip, fun necklaces, bracelets, earrings, & chokers, you can see some of our jewelry in the photos.  We are blessed to have our jewelry in several local stores too.   I'll add the links to these stores too.

In September 2008, we heard about a fabulous once a month sale in downtown KC called, Good Ju Ju.,  We checked it out and decided this was a great opportunity to sell more and get our name out, so we, along with one of our junker friends,  Kathy,  rented a space.  So if you live in the Kansas City area, or are coming through, you HAVE to check it out.  You never know what you will find at Good Ju Ju.  Check out their website for info and directions.  We can meet you there and let you in to shop,  if you can't make it the first weekend of the month.

Another great way to get our name out has been open houses and local holiday shows.  Our favorite, was the American Royal Tablescapes we did with Zabedo.  Our favorite part- the set-up of course, making our vision reality.   (see photo below)

We will let you know about future shows, one in particular we are very excited about next fall.