Monday, February 9, 2009

Three Chicks Ode to Our Favorite Magazines

For those of you who had an appreciation for the magazines we will no longer receive in the mail or can buy on the stand, you might be able to relate to this post, but for  those of you who not only appreciated, but waited in anticipation, looking forward each month to a new and inspiring get away, even if just for a few moments, into the pages of a few of our favorite decorating magazines, We know you will relate.  We think for us the reality that we would no longer be able to flip through, study, and fall in love with something we saw,  loved enough to tear out the page and add it to our notebook of favorites, was when we received the replacements for the wonderful Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion, Cottage Living, & Country Home (although I don't know if I received a replacement for that one yet- have you?)  I want to make this very clear though, that I am very, very thankful that another magazine was willing to take over my subscription, and that these are wonderful magazines  that have much to offer and I know many enjoy, but wouldn't you, who  have been receiving Southern Living and/ or Martha Stewart because you love them,  and then, one day in the mail you are informed that they will no longer be coming, wouldn't you, at least for a moment, feel sad?

We must say that we will no longer take for granted our monthly get away moments into the pages of Country Living, Romantic Homes, Veranda, Better Homes and Gardens, and other magazines that we love and still receive.    They will continue to be our monthly inspiration  into the world of the decorating style we love and, we will open the pages of our replacement magazines, and I am sure,  be inspired, learn from, and enjoy the pages of Southern Living and  Martha Stewart Living. Which is a fabulous magazine with wonderful decorating ideas, creativity, and insight, but can, at least for us, tend to remind us that our desks are piled high no matter how hard we try to get organized,  our work rooms are cluttered with projects started but not finished because we have so much to do and life gets in the way, and my-Robin  (I won't include the other chicks on this one- ha ha) freezer is full of social suppers- my version of the home-cooked meal. 

So, if you can relate at all, please let us know.  I think we, the faithful subscribers to a monthly 
interlude into the homes of others in hopes of seeing something that makes us oooo and ahhhh and possibly accomplish in our own homes, or just simply tearing out the page or pages to add to our book of favorites for later  inspiration...yes, I think we can have a brief pity party-  this was ours!

I will end with a quote from the last Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion we received, 
 " A bend in the road is not the end of the road, unless you fail to make the turn"  unknown author.

On another note,  we have some ideas for future blogs that I hope you will like, love, or at least  enjoy a little. One idea is, We will be featuring a chick a week- myself-Robin, Niki & Marlo will share a little about our families, ourselves, and share some pictures of our homes.   Not sure when this will happen, but hopefully sometime soon.   

We also had a great sale at Good Ju Ju this past weekend.   We need to get busy shopping for next month- yeah,  we love that part!   We are putting some really cool finds away until April and the Miss Frenchies sale-  we'll include some teasers for this show in a future blog too.

Blessings for you and yours,  The Three Shabby Chicks, 
Robin, Niki, & Marlo


Cindy ~ My Romantic Home said...

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I'm still trying to find some extra time to go through Carol's list! Wasn't that nice of her? I was so honored to be included!

It's so sad to see all these magazines leave. I remember when the old Victoria was gone and they sent me Sunset magazine, which was nothing in comparison to Victoria!

Angie said...

I didn't know Country Home was going :( They never notified me. The others I knew about and I'm also sad. said...

I received a replacement magazine for one of those, no notice or explanation. And I don't even like it! Durn, I just signed up for two years too!!

Andrea at Opulent Cottage said...

It's so sad, isn't it? I too have a subscription to all of those magazines! I am writing a blog post this week about Home Companion, my most beloved, and how it has truly shaped my design style from the very beginning. So now I also get to "enjoy" two years of a magazine that I don't even care for! Wah!!

Carol~Raised In Cotton said...

I am STILL in mourning over the loss of Country Home....but enter this lovely blog world filled with moment by moment inspiration to quench our creative souls:)

Can't wait to see the Chick feature:)

Three Shabby Chicks said...

I knew there were other sad chicks out there over the loss of their favorite magazines. Thanks for your great responses. We can all have a pity party together- lol! love, Robin

Phillipa said...

Hi girls, does this mean these wonderful magazines are no longer being printed!if so what a shame, whats the world coming too.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Oh my, you took the words right out of my mouth with this post. Home Companion and Country Home were my top two favorites. I was heartbroken!
My husband just didn't quiet understand my twinge of sadness over a magazine!
Glad to find a kindred spirit. :)


Three Shabby Chicks said...

Cathy, it's so great to meet another sad but kindred spirit. So glad you got something out of our blog. My husband thinks i am a little odd too- ha ha. Blessing, Robin

Three Shabby Chicks said...

Phillipa, you make me laugh! I agree, What is the world coming too! love, robin

The Chic Housewife said...

I wrote about this on my own blog... I am sad to see my favorites not in print any longer. I am sure there are more that we have not yet discovered. If so pass them on to me =) Thanks ladies I enjoy reading your blog!

pam q said...
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