Sunday, April 4, 2010

Fabulous News

This is a sad but very exciting blog post for Three Shabby Chicks. Because of Marlo being blessed with a new baby, she had to decide to take a break from the Shabby Chicks, but little did we know that I, Robin, would stumble upon a path least expected last summer. Some of you know, but many don't that I am opening a clothing boutique, called Apricot Lane at Zona Rosa in Kansas City and I am set to open this May! Hence, why I am just now getting to the blog for probably the final post on Three Shabby Chicks blog, but I will have a new blog and website for Apricot Lane. and website now under construction, but will be up soon.

Niki is actually joining me as my full time manager, which makes me very blessed. For those that think I am crazy, I may be, but Apricot Lane is a fabulous franchised clothing boutique that has a hugely wonderful reputation and has had much success. It is not your typical franchise, because i am allowed to customize my store to me and my clients, which means I will not only have fabulous hip fashions, jewelry, purses, and accessories for hip chicks of all ages, (a true mom and daughter shopping experience) but I will continue to have jewelry made from vintage pieces from wonderful local artists, AND because i just can't give up junking, I will still be bringing in great flea market finds for your home and garden. It will be a fun, truly unique shopping experience for everyone and the plus for you and me, is that it is all in one place.
We began construction in February- check out the pics!
I will be sending out my new blog and website info as soon as it is ready to go!
Thanks so much for all of your support for the Three Shabby Chicks,
i hope you can come and visit us at Zona Rosa!
Love, Robin, Niki, and Marlo

Check out the construction pics:
next to Gymboree at Zona Rosa
Hanging fabulous antique ceiling tin I got from Kelly Littman at Farmstead!
ceiling tin is hung- it looks so awesome!
walls are fauxed, slat wall is hung- it's getting there!
the dressing rooms are so fun- can't wait for you to see them!
Still have flooring, chandeliers, cash wrap counters and all the displays that will hopefully make this boutique a unique and fun shopping experience.