Monday, May 18, 2009

Graduation, Baby Showers, & Flowers

We have been so busy this month, as so many people are.  May is always crazy, but when you add my son's Graduation from High School- Yeah! and Marlo, one of the three Shabby Chicks, baby shower, May has been extra crazy.  

My husband Tim, Tyler, & Me after Graduation

Yes, our sweet Marlo is having a baby, much to her and her husbands surprise.  She has 2 teenage children from a previous marraige, so she will be starting over.  Good thing she has 2 chicks to help her:)  

Check out the baby shower pictures below.  We had a lot of fun decorating the table.  You will be able to tell by the colors what she is having:)  just so you know too, the shower was at my (Robin's) house.

Vintage Baby Shower start to finish:

Marlo's sister, Dena, made the beautiful & really wonderful cupcakes


Marlo's friend Joyce made her bedding- lovely...

Niki & my gift from a Miss Frenchies vendor- SweetPeace

Thank you treat bags- too cute!


Hope you enjoyed the graduation, shower, & flower pictures.

Check out our Chick Happenings to see where we will be-  Good Ju ju is coming up again in June!   Also,  we are a part of a fabulous show coming the end of June-  Vintage Market
You can go to to see more info.

Also,  we have new jewelry we will be adding to etsy and I know I keep promising T shirts, but we have sold so many at shows I haven't had time to get them online.  so sorry.    They turned out really cute, so ASAP I will get them on.  

a perfect ending:  Kearney High School class motto

Our past lies behind us
Our futures are within our view
Our memories are within our sight
Our potential is unlimited

Blessings, The Three Shabby Chicks
Robin, Niki, & Marlo